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Wednesday beach stroll

Another beautiful sunrise this morning on the beach ❤️ Hatching season continues and volunteers monitor the nests and look for tiny tracks in the sand.

Many of our nests are precariously perched on the dunes that took a beating in the storm last week. Please do not climb on the dunes to look at these nests! It could cause a collapse and damage the nest and harm the hatchlings. (Thank You!)

Strolling the beach this morning we found some starfish ~ or sea stars. There are about 1,900 species of star fish in all the worlds oceans! They can be found in the warm tropics and in the frigid polar regions. Some can be found 20,000 ft below the ocean surface.

And we found sand dollars ~ or sea biscuit - live sand dollars are not white. They range from reddish brown to purple. They have flexible bristles known as spines. Removing live sand dollars from the beach is illegal in most states. Fun facts - they are related to Sea Stars and Sea Urchins. You can tell the sand dollars age by its rings. They can live for 6-10 yrs.

Also found was Sea Pansy’s …. They are related to sea jellies. It is a small petal like frond covered in polyps with a thick purple stem that anchors the organism into the sand. They are bioluminescent when they are touched or attacked by a predator.

Some beach stroll views

📸 The pictures were taken by permitted volunteers under permit 2023-MTP537. Following all rules and guidelines. Only permitted individuals are allowed to engage in sea turtle activities.

sea you on the beach 🏝️

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