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Become a Friend of Hunting Island!

Some provide generous endowments, some volunteer their time or expertise, and some simply join as annual members. Whatever your capacity, you support the beauty and education provided by a well-maintained Hunting Island with a thriving natural habitat.

Your membership donations further our mission of supporting Hunting Island State Park in the conservation, education, and interpretation of the natural and cultural resources of the island. All your membership fees work for Hunting Island State Park. In calendar year 2023, your dollars will be supporting the renovation and upgrade to the Hunting Island Nature Center. New interactive exhibits and a state-of-the-art Nature’s Classroom will be installed for education and lectures!

As a Member you'll receive a car decal giving you Park entry for calendar year 2023. Membership for 2023 is now available, and if you purchase or renew this year, you will then enjoy 14 months of Hunting Island, plus the opportunity to volunteer. Membership is $60 per calendar year, which runs through January 1st, 2024. Friends of Hunting Island membership is tax deductible and decals cannot be replaced if lost or stolen. Decals must be affixed to the drivers side interior windshield for gate entry. 

If you have any questions, please contact

To receive your 2023 FOHI membership decal:


  1. Fill out the membership form, check one box for your volunteer choice and click “Proceed to Payment".

    NOTE: Sea Turtle Conservation project requires its own sign up in February, 2023 and information about that registration will be made available separately. You do not have to select a volunteer category to move forward and get your membership subscription. 


  2. After confirmation, you will be directed to payment via PayPal or Credit Card to receive your park decal. 

  3. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery of your decal, which is required on your vehicle drivers side windshield for park entrance.

Online registration only


Photo: Andy Stephens

Photo: Robert Gecy

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