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Hunting Island Lighthouse

Hunting Island’s iconic lighthouse was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1972. One of eight existing lighthouses on the South Carolina coast. 


The first lighthouse on Hunting Island, constructed of brick in 1859, was built to guide vessels along the coast between Charleston and Savannah and into Port Royal and St. Helena Sounds, the site of important deep-water shipping ports. It warned ships of the dangerous shoals, sandbars, and reefs along this stretch of the South Carolina coast.

*The Lighthouse will be closed for climbing due to restoration planning, effective immediately. The Complex and grounds will, however, remain open for interpretation tours and visitation.

As far as reopening, the engineers will have a more definitive idea once they begin the restoration process.

Of course we are all sorry to see this happen, but it is necessary to keep her healthy. Video climb of lighthouse.



On February 2, 2021 a wonderful surprise took place at the Hunting Island Lighthouse.

A family showed up, with lovely voices, and began singing inside taking advantage of the natural acoustics of this incredible treasure.

FOHI member Laura Scott Boozer just happened to be there and took a video capturing this hauntingly beautiful event. Laura met the family and it turned out that Mr. Turner is the grandson of our Keeper James William Turner from the 1920's! Here is a picture of the family from their Facebook Page TURNER FAMILY BAND. Thank you to all the Turner's for keeping this Lighthouse kept so well. Read more about the Keepers.

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