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Wednesday walkabout

Turtle volunteers continue to patrol the beach each morning monitoring the nests that are still due to hatch, picking up trash, and filling in holes.

Each morning walk on the beach we find all kinds of things to stop and marvel at - wether it be the sunrise, a sea shell, a dolphin playing in the surf , or a majestic bald eagle perched in a tree with a marvelous moon - like this one this morning !

Hunting Island has resident Eagles ~ and has had successful breeding pairs. Breeding season for bald eagles in South Carolina is October - through July . Eggs are laid in late December to early January. The female eagle typically lays 1-3 eggs and they incubate for 35 days before they hatch. Both parents will care for the young. Bald eagles mate for life.

Volunteers on patrol

see you on the beach 🏝️

📸 The pictures were taken by permitted volunteers under permit

2023-MTP537.  Following all rules and guidelines. Only permitted individuals are allowed to engage in sea turtle conservation activities.

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