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FOHI Funded Projects/Construction 🌾

Over the years, FOHI has been involved with helping and assisting Hunting Island State Park on projects that were available, but did not have fiscal SCPRT budget means. The opportunity for FOHI to step in has been one of our greatest benefits thanks to the continued support of our membership dollars and private donations. We are thrilled to have been able to provide HISP visitors with numerous improvements to enhance their park experience. If you are interested in volunteering on our Construction team, please visit Membership and select Construction Crew as your volunteer choice. We guarantee you will have fun! Here are a few of our many projects completed:

Sand Fence Post Project
November 2022

Background: Sand fences at Hunting Island have been placed along about 2 miles of the sand dunes. They play an important role by slowing down airborne sand, dropping the sand at the fence and thereby building up and maintaining the dunes.

The problem: In a short period of time the sand fence posts started breaking off at ground level, and when a single post breaks, it places extra load on the adjacent posts which eventually leads to sections of the sand fence lying flat on the dunes.

The solution: Detach the broken posts from the fencing, replace them with new pressure treated posts and reattach the fencing to the new posts. 

The process

  1. Use an angle grinder to cut the staples, releasing the old broken posts. Without power, a strong battery powered tool was used.

  2. Remove the old broken post, dig a hole about 2 feet deep and insert a new post and make sure of a tight fit.

  3. Reattach the fencing to the post using CatsClaw fasteners - no staples, no hammering, just a screw gun. This enables easy removal or repositioning of the fencing if needed in the future. 

Status as of November 2022 – over 250 fence posts have been replaced, with materials and equipment cost of just over $3000 and close to 100 volunteer hours. The project will likely continue through 2023.   

Campsite "Host Hut" 
November 2022

In an effort to facilitate the check in process for the Campers who visit Hunting Island State Park, it was determined by management that another building was needed to create a smoother flow of traffic. FOHI was very happy to accommodate this request and our Construction Director set out to find the right building to meet their needs. 


With a few choice modifications made by the team, the "Host Hut" was ready to receive visitors in November, 2022!

Rustic Tent Sites 🌾
October 2021

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Virtual Lighthouse 🌾
Visitor Center

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Playground 🌾

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Accessibility 🌾

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Caretta Shed 
November 2022


In an effort to protect our fearless FOHI four wheeler, our Construction Director meticulously selected the proper shelter for her. Randal and his crew worked diligently to put this together for the Sea Turtle Conservation Program. After the most successful loggerhead nesting season ever - Caretta most definitely deserves a rest in her new digs!

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