“Get in touch with nature along the trails in the pristine maritime forest at Hunting Island. Most of the trails are shady and meandering with views of the lagoon and persistent breezes from the ocean. Bird life is plentiful here and when you’re on the trails you can observe egrets, herons, ospreys, pelicans and gulls, as well as our local population of magnificent bald eagles. If you catch the lagoon on an incoming tide you will see birds in action, spectacularly diving for bait fish. We’ve even seen dolphins frolicking in  the water while on a trail walk. It’s an amazing sight that will always stop you in your tracks”…EAT STAY PLAY BEAUFORT


The Sea entrance to the Lagoon from the Logoon Trail

Photo courtesy of FOHI Trails Director, Tim Moore


Great egret from the Marsh Boardwalk trail 


The forest from the Diamondback Rattlesnake Trail 


Hunting Island deer from the Visitor Center Trail 

 Photo's courtesy of Tim Moore


Many trails have been affected by flooding on Hunting Island but signs are posted stating trail conditions.  I recommend checking bulleting boards before starting hikes.  


12/9/2020–I hiked the Little Hunting Island Loop trail with additional walk around the very southern end of the beach. To extend the hike also walked the Lagoon trail to the Marsh Boardwalk Crossover trail to the Maritime Forest trail. The trails were clear and easy to follow. These trails are usually open when other trails are flooded although getting to the southern end of the beach is difficult at high tide. Hike took about 1 1/2 hours, about 10,000 steps. I have attached a photo of various seabirds flocking on the beach.


1/6/2021–I hiked the Diamondback Rattlesnake trail to the Pond Overlook trail and return. Parts of these trails have not been open due to flooding and in some spots the trails have overgrown fan palms and are not always clear. There was one down tree large enough to block a bicycle on the Diamondback trail. This hike took over 2 hours and 15,000 steps. I have attached photos of the entrance to the Pond Overlook trail, a pond on the trail, and a moss covered fallen tree next to the Diamondback trail.

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