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Everything that the public loves about a lighthouse is exquisitely portrayed in Up Here: The Hunting Island Lighthouse and its Lightkeepers. This volume invites the reader on a journey of the mind and heart – one that entwines the past and present to tell a one-of-a-kind story sure to delight even the most casual reader. 


Up Here: The Hunting Island Lighthouse and its Lightkeepers is a grand story about the life-changing power of light, historic engineering genius that endures, the benevolent service of lightkeepers and their families and a sparkling natural environment teeming with precious wildlife. 


Authors Theodore Panayotoff and Linda Miller have crafted the Hunting Island story in masterful fashion, while the stunning imagery throughout the book lends its own sense of wonderment to the volume. From a beckoning lighthouse to faithful guardians and precious shorebirds to an island’s glistening sands of time, Up Here: The Hunting Island Lighthouse and its Lightkeepers is a must-have. – Bob Trapani, Jr., Executive Director, American Lighthouse Foundation 

“Up Here is a joy to read. The photography is inspiring. Co-authors Panayotoff and Miller not only tell a great story, but the poetic verse reveals the soul of Hunting Island’s remarkable lighthouse. Friends of Hunting Island owe a big ‘thank you’ to Cassandra King for all her friendship and support.”


–Jim Lichtman, Author - Trust and Confidence

Santa Barbara, CA

To save on shipping, you can pick up purchase at Beaufort Conservation District, in Beaufort SC.

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