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Volunteer At The Hunting Island Lighthouse

Friends of Hunting Island volunteers conduct tours of the Hunting Island Lighthouse and Light Station and help maintain and improve the light station and the exhibits in the complex. Volunteers will acquire a knowledge of the history of the lighthouse and the many lighthouse keepers and their families that staffed the light and lived at the remote light station. They introduce visitors to the challenges of designing and constructing a cast iron lighthouse tower on a barrier island and moving it when forced to by beach erosion. They tell of the challenges of living and raising a family at this remote light station, a day's trip from medical assistance and education facilities for their children. 


Volunteers can assist with maintenance tasks within their skill level and can assist with the development of exhibit material for use in the lighthouse and other light station buildings. With over 60 lighthouse keepers that staffed the Hunting Island Lighthouse between 1875 and 1933, there is a wealth of opportunity for anyone with an interest in geological research to help expand our knowledge of these dedicated professionals and their families. At times, the Friends of Hunting island sponsor lighthouse related special events. Volunteers to assist with these events are always needed.   


We appreciate your support to Hunting Island and look forward to working with our volunteers. Please contact our Lighthouse Director at if you are interested in assisting with this National Treasure.


The Lighthouse Director with the grandsons of the last Keeper at Hunting Island Lighthouse at an event honoring their grandfather and grandmother.


Cleaning the 1st order lens on exhibit in the lighthouse tower.  


An exhibit of a lamp oil case developed and constructed by volunteers in one of the light station storage buildings.


The Lighthouse Director (in uniform) introduces volunteer tour guides to the history of the lighthouse.


Hosting a very special visitor to the lighthouse, the son of a former lighthouse keeper.

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