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The Lagoon at Hunting Island

“The Hunting Island lagoon is the perfect spot to get away from the Atlantic surf and still be near the water. The lagoon is home to hundreds of bird and other wildlife species including raccoon, deer, blue heron, egret, pelican, sand piper, and king fisher can be seen there. Fishing, photography and lots of kayaking are daily lagoon activities. As early as last year, it was well protected from the surf but Hurricane Matthew and Tropical Storm Irma changed that. Today you will still find a lagoon, of sorts; it’s been breached but can still be used.

It’s always the quiet side of the beach”….EAT STAY PLAY BEAUFORT


The Vietnam scenes, where Forrest first meets both Bubba and Lieutenant Dan were filmed on Fripp Island and Hunting Island State Park. Also, the spot where Forrest dropped off all of his wounded comrades was along the popular lagoon at Hunting Island.




Notes from Carolina Sportsman

The redfish and flounder have been easy pickings in the Hunting Island lagoon for the past week. Unfortunately for many anglers, the flounder have all been undersized, and fortunately (or unfortunately for those looking for a meal), many of the redfish have been over-the-slot fish in the 28-32 inch range.


Mud minnows have been responsible for catching plenty of both species, and fiddler crabs have been a hot bait for redfish on the incoming tide. 


To fish the Hunting Island lagoon, it's best to have a small skiff, johnboat, or kayak because of the many shallow spots, especially on the low or falling tide. 

The lagoon
Forrest Gump scenes shot here.
Fishing at the lagoon.
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