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Virtual Lighthouse

Experience the Hunting Island lighthouse two different ways at the Visitor Center

Malia Cooler, a long-time employee at Hunting Island State Park, told Friends of Hunting Island that many people coming to the Visitor Center said they could not climb the lighthouse and therefore had missed out on the wonderful view it offered. The Friends of Hunting Island took action. Construction Director, Randal Brown and his crew of talented workers, built the down-sized lighthouse to fit in the Visitor Center and accommodate five TV monitors for the film. South Carolina Parks, Recreation and Tourism provided the film and Beaufort County Accommodations Tax provided a grant to cover the costs. 

See it for yourself:

  1. Virtual Lighthouse—walk into a scaled down lighthouse and get a feel for the complete surround view from the top of the lighthouse on TV monitors. This is especially good for people who can’t or don’t want to climb the lighthouse as well as for children under 44" tall.

  2. Virtual reality—wearing a headset, you will feel the complete sensations and views in three dimensions of walking around the lighthouse, climbing the lighthouse, and then viewing different times of day from the top. A special area in the Visitor Center is set up for this experience.

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