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Monday, Monday, So good to me! Monday morning, it was all I hoped it would be!

There was one NNC in Zone 1, Nest 84 in Zone 2, Nest 85 in Zone 3, and Nest 86 in Zone 4. All needed to be relocated to higher, dryer locations. Nest 84 had 160 eggs, Nest 85 had 109, and Nest 86 had 110.

Nest 84 original location 📷 by Keith Aspray

Nest 85 original location 📷 by Beth Glass

Nest 86 original location 📷 by Beth Glass

Another Nest 86 original location pic 📷 by Noel Mears

Nest 86 relocated location 📷 by Noel Mears

The NNC found in Zone 1 by Buddy 📷 by Buddy Lawrence

That same crawl not even 2 hours later when he went back to investigate it further 📷 by Buddy Lawrence

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