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Monday Mischief 😏

Nest 72 and a NNC were found in Zone 4, Nest 73 and 74 were found in Zone 2, a NNC in Zone 1, and Nest 75 in Zone 5 just south of the breach. All nests today were able to be left insitu. Totals are nests 75 and NNC 54 currently. We are still keeping right on pace with last year‘s numbers.

📷 by Buddy Lawrence, Keith Aspray, and Beth Glass

Nest 72

Zone 4 NNC

Nest 73 which was on top of the dune

Nest 74

Nest 75

Sunrise and crawl pics

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Beth Briggs Glass
Beth Briggs Glass
Jun 24, 2020

Thanks Lolita!


Wow.. what great photos Monday people!! (See Buddy’s getting to use the drone!) thanks so much for sharing!’

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