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Hunting Island’s First Nest

Updated: May 26, 2018

Well, we got our first nest today in zone 1 around the bend down Johnson Creek way.  It was down by the bridge.  Turtle crawled up and down dunes, exited and reentered the water several times, and just generally meandered around for a bit before digging several body pits and laying.  Well above the high tide line so it was left in situ.   

Buddy came down to verify that the nest was properly protected,  stats recorded, and that the stake was properly marked Terrapin #1 😂

So yes, Hunting Island‘s first nest of the season was a Diamondback Terrapin nest. The crawl was first spotted by Debbie Phelps, and thus this momma terrapin was named lil Debbie. Good watching out, Debbie! Pics to follow soon.

I had just told my team, as we left the clubhouse for morning patrol, that I was counting on them to find the first nest today. They reported, after finding this nest, that they had indeed found me the first nest today. I couldn’t even argue. Guess I need to be more specific next time with this bunch!

There was no other activity today.


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