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Data Czar Deliberations

After this morning's (Monday 7/17) good "haul" on the beach of 4 nests, here is an update.

Only 5 more nests needed by the sea turtles to break the 2022 record of 175 nests. 2023 is at 171 nests as of this morning.

We went 38 years before we broke the record the mother sea turtles left us with in 1984 of 157 nests. We have eclipsed that record now twice, 2 years in a row. A lot of things have gone on since 1984, including some really low nesting years, but now they are back in a big way it seems.

This year, as of today, we have gone 19 days with 1 or more nests in a day. There has been only 1 nest day and that was yesterday (7/16). The last date we had no nests was 6/28/23. Over that 19 day period, the mothers have left 64 nests on Hunting Island.

By comparison, in 2022, over that same period there were 51 nests!!! That include 1 no nest day and about 4-1 nest days.

No sign of let up yet in 2023, but unfortunately it will come.

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