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As the turtle world turns 🌎

Nest #113 and Nest #114 found in Zone 3.

NNC’s found in zone 2 & 4


We have seen signs of hatchlings on our beach! As our nests start to hatch this is a good time to remind everyone - PLEASE do not leave holes or any obstacles that will prevent hatchlings from making it to the water. Keep the beach DARK ! NO LIGHTS OF ANY KIND!! Not only do momma turtles need the dark , the hatchlings need the dark to find their way to the ocean by way of moon light. Let’s all help make our beach a better place for the turtles.

Hatchling tracks in the sand

Stay Salty ~

📸 The pictures were taken by permitted volunteers under permit 2024-MTP537 & 2024-MTP565, Following all rules and guidelines. Only permitted individuals are allowed to engage in sea turtle conservation activities.

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