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Wednesday on the board today!

THREE nests today for our volunteers... bringing the total nest count so far to 20 !

Two nests in zone 2, along with a NNC. (The first picture shows the crazy crawl along either side of the groin and lots of attmepts to lay, but no eggs found)

And one nest in zone 3.

Things are picking up on the beach and all the volunteers are doing an incredible job as they fight the heat, the bugs, locate nests, record data, and continue to pickup trash left on the beach and fill in holes along the way. Please help us save the sea turtles by carrying out your trash (and any other trash you see) and fill in those holes!

Dont forget LIGHTS OUT May - October !

Morning Sunrise

Until next time ~ Stay salty ~

📸 The pictures were taken by permitted volunteers under permit 2024-MTP537 & 2024-MTP565, Following all rules and guidelines. Only permitted individuals are allowed to engage in sea turtle conservation activities.

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