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We're talkin' trash today!

But first, an update on the turtles... no activity today in any of the zones.

We don't usually talk trash, but it is a part of each turtle patrol team's effort to keep Hunting Island's beach as pristine as we can. On our patrols, we concentrate on finding any nests on our walk out, and then focus on removing trash on our return. Each team has a 'tee-bag' made by a member from a tee-shirt. This reusable and washable bag collects all sorts of trash on the beach.

We also have an app that feeds into a large collection of trash related data: What we collected, the GPS location, etc.

As an example, this morning my team worked zone 2 and found twine, cigarette butts, bottle caps, plastic bottles, plastic bags, clothing, and food wrappers - all together we had 63 pieces of trash on our section of beach.

We hope that by keeping the beach as clean as possible, we'll inspire others to do so as well.

Meg L - Wednesday Volunteer

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1 Comment

Beth Briggs Glass
Beth Briggs Glass
Jun 27, 2018

Important message Meg! Fantastic post! Thanks!

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