Thursday Report

Zone 2 had a nest. The mother came on the beach in front of the camp store. When she left the nest she hit a tidal pool and followed it to the groin some way away from the nest. Zone 3 had a nest that was a bear to find! But it was found and moved. The zone had another possible nest ~ a very large body pit, sand thrown all around. After many attempts to find the nest it wad decided the mother would hit the hard pan and give up, shift over and try again, and again! Finally she gave up. Several false crawls were also found.

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Zone 1 Nest # 99, Zone 2 Nest # 100, Zone 3 Nest # 98, Zone 4 all clear. All 3 were located.

Nest 84 and 86 in zone 2 Nest 85 in zone 3 Nest 87 in zone 4 4 NNC in zone 2 2 NNC in zone 3 1 NNC in zone 4