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Three Sea Turtle Nest Inventory Viewing Opportunities on 8/4!

Sunday, August 4th starting at 6:30 pm on North Beach Nest 35  (In front of the Lighthouse) 

2nd & 3rd Nests Immediately Following on South Beach Nest 42 and Nest 38  (Before the 2nd groin, heading South)

The order of the inventories above are subject to change due to the tide conditions (on 8/4 Low Tide will be at 5:29 pm)

A nest inventory is conducted 72 hours after a nest has hatched, in order to determine the success of the nest.  The nest is excavated and all contents are removed and documented.  Occasionally live hatchlings are found in the nest and released, so this is a good opportunity to possibly see live loggerhead hatchlings, although there is no guarantee.

If you are a FOHI Sea Turtle Conservation Project Volunteer, please wear your orange volunteer shirt and badge, so that you can help with crowd management.

This inventory is open to the public, so feel free to post to social media or share; just remember that everyone is responsible for their own admission to the park. FOHI members and guests are covered by their membership

If severe weather conditions are expected on Hunting Island during the given time of the inventory stated above, a cancellation will be sent out by 4 pm on the day of the inventory. 

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1 commentaire

Richard Combes
Richard Combes
04 août 2019

Nest 68 in Zone 4 had a depression this morning (Sunday, 8/4).

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