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Updated: Jun 7, 2020

Zone 1 had 2 nests #38 and #41, both were left insitu. Pictured-prober Vicki Anne

Zone 2 found a false crawl.

Zone 4 found nest 39 but not before the raccoons, the nest was completely lost, 78 empty eggshells were scattered on the beach.

Zone 6 found nest 40, 34 eggs were lost to raccoons and 61 eggs were relocated.

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The registration for the 2021 Sea Turtle Conservation Project is on hold until the Department of Natural Resources provides Covid guidelines to all South Carolina nesting projects.

Last Nest of this Season!

The last nest of the season has hatched. This morning Buddy and I checked it out. There were not that many tracks. Perhaps more came out earlier, but the wind blew away the evidence. More may come

A bald eagle was spotted in Zone 4

Just happened to look up and saw the eagle on the top branch of a dead tree. Since there were very few nests to check, it was a surprise to catch a look. Hope it is here to stay.

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