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Quite a sight and I feel lucky to have witnessed it!

Updated: May 17

We got a call about a large loggerhead at the breach just sitting and appearing to be stranded. We go down and sure enough, there was the biggest loggerhead that I had ever witnessed. Turned out it was a male and he was huge with the most massive head I had seen, even for a loggerhead. He had no visible injuries and was not emaciated. He appeared healthy in every way. SCDNR was notified and we were advised that as long as he appeared healthy with no injuries and was able to make it out on his own to allow him to do so. He was able to make it back out into open ocean and we monitored the beach for quite some time to ensure that he didn’t wash back in with the incoming tide. As of 3 this afternoon, he had not come back and seems to have made it safely out 🤞🏻🙏🏻

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