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Productive Tuesday

Five more nests were found by Tuesdays crew, we have been quite blessed this year as this brings our total to 19 for the season! Nest 76 was found by Jennifer and her team with one lucky probe. Nest 76, with 124 eggs, was located in Zone 2 just past the first flag pole on the beach and the decision was made to be relocate due to its position below the known high tide line. Zone 2 also had Nest 77 found by Denise and her crew right at the Zone 2/3 cutoff; this nest was left INSITU. Zone 3 had one nest, Nest 78, found by Dan's team also left INSITU. Nest 79 was found in Zone 1 and was relocated due to location, 122 eggs are now safe from the upcoming King tides. Last but not least Nest 80 was located in Zone 6 and also relocated to a safer location away from the incoming water. Pictures courtesy of Jennifer Williams and Ruth Spencer.

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