• Valerie Solze

Nest Inventory Stats from 8/16

The below nest inventories were completed on 8/16:

Nest 61 in zone 4 was a relocated nest on 6/18- Emerged on 8/12

88 Unhatched eggs, 34 Hatched, 1 live, 0 dead

Hatch success 27.8%, Emergence Success 27%

Nest 72 in zone 4 was left in situ on 6/22- Emerged on 8/12

13 Unhatched eggs, 110 Hatched, 0 live, 6 dead

Hatch success 88.7%, Emergence Success 83.8%

Nest 75 in zone 5 was left in situ on 6/22 - Emerged on 8/10

72 Unhatched eggs, 55 Hatched, 0 live, 5 dead

Hatch success 42.9%, Emergence Success 39%

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