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Nest inventory info to date

Updated: Jul 25, 2018

Hatching success rate is the percentage of hatchlings that made it out of the egg and emergence success rate is the percentage that made it out of the nest on their own.

Nest # 1

Hatched- 7/16/2017

Incubation Period- 56 days

Total egg count- 108

Hatched eggs- 92

Unhatched eggs- 15

Live hatchlings- 11

Dead hatchlings- 7

Hatching Success Rate- 86%

Emergence Success Rate- 69%

Nest # 3

Date hatched- 7/19/2018

Incubation period- 57 days

Total egg count- 112

Hatched eggs- 111

Unhatched eggs- 0

Live hatchlings- 4

Dead hatchlings- 3

Hatching Success Rate- 100%

Emergence Success Rate- 93%

Nest # 6

Date hatched- 7/16/2018

Incubation period- 51 days

Total egg count- 130

Hatched eggs- 105

Unhatched eggs- 24

Live hatchlings- 0

Dead hatchlings- 70

Hatching Success Rate- 81%

Emergence Success Rate- 27%

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