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Nest #48 found Sunday in Zone 6, 2 false crawls in Zone 4

2 False crawls in Zone 4, and thankfully today being the last day of the king high tides. Yesterday's tides left many washed over nests in zone 1,3. and 6. In Zone 6. Nest #23 had the posts knocked down and screen pulled up which Tina, Maddie and myself recreated to hopefully with stand todays tides. While working on this repair I noticed there did not appear to be scattered tern eggs on the sand in enclosed protected area, as they were last week. However, there were still some sitting Terns, but we most likely lost some Tern eggs with the tides. Also in Zone 6, Tina and Maddie, (Mom and Daughter) had followed turtle tracks, with a great read. The mama walked up near the supply station, left a body pit, dug a hole, abandoned, walked around and stopped in a grassy area, no body pit, just a bit of kicked up sand and left nest #48 in a soft spot before she crawled over a fallen tree to head back to the water. Tina knew there was a nest, Linda probed it, Maddie dug in and found the eggs, her first find. Great team work and perseverance paid off leaving Nest #48 insitu with1 egg taken for genetic testing.

Sunday Turtle Team Rocks, thank you ALL

Linda Sigafoos

Tina and Maddie (Maddie dug in for her first find, Nest #48, Zone 6)

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