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Monday Morning Mama

Monday morning peeps found the first nest of the season in Zone 3 just south of the lighthouse. It was left insitu. We also rescued a loon stranded on the beach. According to Megan, these birds need a water take off to fly and don’t navigate well at all on land. It was safely transferred to the lagoon and swam off unharmed. Zone 4 had a bald eagle intently monitoring their progress. I happened to get pretty close to and sneak a pic of one of my all time faves....a royal tern. Love their rebellious lil mohawk! It was a beautiful and busy day on the beach!

📷 by Beth Glass

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Lolita Huckaby Watson
Lolita Huckaby Watson
07 de mai. de 2020

Good Morning...and thanks Beth, for those great photos...can't wait until the rest of the turtle volunteers can get out there!! Question: I was on the beach yesterday, in Zone 3 and saw the location of the nest...just wondering why it was relocated further away from the beach (has it got something to do with the fact that the beach is so broad now?)

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