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HUGELY Busy Morning on the Beach

Perhaps not proper English, however you get the point. 5 loggerhead nests this morning - Zone 2 with 1, Z3 had 3 and Z4 also had 1. 2 NNC (false crawls) - Z1 and Z4. A great morning for team blue - that brings us to 7 out of the 11 sea turtle nests on Hunting Island. The turtle whisperer helped us find 1 nest - the mother sea turtle did a great job of packing the sand down and hiding its location. We have decided that the turtle socks are bringing us good luck - one of volunteers can no longer come to the beach without them.

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Lol on the turtle socks & little turtle😂


I say keep the socks too 😂🐢🧦


Team Blue is on fire 🔥 💙🩵

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