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The holiday weekend is over...

Nest 25 and the crew from Team D and part of Team C

The beach is heating back up with turtle activity after a minor slow down over the holiday. Two crawls both of which looked promising were found within minutes this morning in two seperate zones. It turned out to be quite the group effort to find Nest 25 in Zone 3 but we prevailed and successfully marked and covered the nest leaving it INSITU. Buddy's turtle sense aided in locating Nest 26 in Zone 2 when I went back with him and another member of my team, Debra, for a second look. Nest 26 was laid by one determined momma who did not let a few obstacles on the beach get in her way. The nest was perfectly placed in about the only spot available between the old road bed and the deep vegetation in front of the campground; it was also left INSITU. There were also two non-nesting crawls this morning, one in Zone 5 and one in Zone 6. 

- Jennifer (Tuesday dayleader)

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