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First babies of 2020 and Recovery turns into rescue 🐢 ♥️

had the first babies of the season out of Nest 13 today. 5 tracks came out of the nest so it isn’t counted as a full emergence but 2 babies were found close to the nest and made it safely to the ocean.

There was one NNC in Zone 6 and that was today’s only nesting activity.

There was a sea turtle stranded in inlet of lagoon, we initially thought she was dead until we went to recover her and our recovery endeavors turned into a rescue attempt when she surfaced for air beside Ranger Megan's kayak.

We attempted for most of the afternoon to figure out how to get her out of the lagoon but she finally went under and we never saw her resurface.

Rangers are going to check

for her again at low tide tonight and turtle patrol will search for her again in the morning during patrol.

📷 by Beth Glass and drone shots of stranded turtle by Buddy Lawrence

Disclaimer: Video and pics of hatchlings were made by permitted individuals using the zoom feature on a cellphone camera

Youtube video of hatchlings

Pics of the rescue attempt

NNC in Zone 6

Random pics that I got throughout the park today of everything from gator and terrapin crawls in Zone 1 to the

lighthouse and everything in between


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