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End of nesting season

Today was the official end of nesting season with no new nesting activity recorded in the last 2 weeks.  There was no activity today but there was this really cool shark sand sculpture

📷 compliments of Keith Aspray, Monday turtle patrol

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Beth Briggs Glass
Beth Briggs Glass
Aug 24, 2018

It means nesting season is over but we still have many nests to hatch. A little over a third have hatched I believe. We call the nesting season after 2 weeks of no new nesting activity because that is how long the internesting period is. The internesting period is the length of time between nesting activity for each female. They can average 4-6 nests during a season with each nest laid approximately 2 weeks apart. Going by this, if we have no new nesting activity for 2 weeks then we can assume they are done nesting for this season.


Aug 23, 2018

Does end of season mean no new nests or also no new hatchlings? Thank you!

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