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Auspicious August! An encounter and nests 58 & 59.

August arrived on Wednesday with an exciting start in Zone 3. While the team was evaluating a crawl, further down the beach a gentleman was waving to the team. He's the husband of another volunteer in a different zone and found a momma sea turtle heading back to the ocean!

Normally sea turtles lay their nests during the dark of night so this was a rare experience. We gave her space, and I was able to capture her return to the ocean and will post that later.

I found it very moving to see this large creature head back to the ocean and disappear into the waves. I had to take a moment to allow the experience to wash over me.

So now we had two fresh crawls in Zone 3. Prober Vicki Ann confirmed nest #58, and prober David located #59, from the momma we encountered.

Both nests needed to be relocated to keep them safe as we enter the period of most extreme king tides. As they completed their own patrols, volunteers from other areas came to help us. They completed the Zone 3 patrol for us, and helped us with the relocation of 2 nests.

Great day and great teamwork by all. (watch for video later)

Meg L - Wednesday (and very lucky) volunteer

The sand on her back indicated she might have laid a nest.

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