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Playground at Hunting Island

Located at the Lighthouse, Friends of Hunting Island are delighted to announce the completion of a new playground for the children of Hunting Island.


FOHI volunteers turned out to assist Randal Brown, FOHI Construction Director, with this carefully thought-out project. It became a beautiful final product. 


A key component was to ensure a structure would blend in with the unique environment that is Hunting Island. Mr. Brown found that in Bears Playgrounds, a company in New York that specializes in natural elements. Using cedar wood, a material is known for its resiliency in our type of climate. Further the wood is splinter-resistant and is estimated to only need power-washing and similar upkeep once every couple of years. 


The membership and volunteers of the Friends of Hunting Island are proud of their contribution adding this wonderful resource to our beautiful park–an accomplishment for 2021.

If you would like to become a Member/Volunteer of Friends of Hunting Island, please visit Membership page.

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