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Turtle volunteers started their morning with a beautiful sunrise....

Nest #155 was found in Zone 4 - sadly depredated by raccoons... volunteers were able to save 33 eggs and relocate them to a new nest.

Nest #156 was found in Zone 3

Nest #157 was found in Zone 2.

There was also a NNC (non nesting crawl) in Zone 3 with THREE body pits!

This "false crawl" sometimes can happen naturally, or be caused by artificial light or the presence of people on the beach. Maybe Momma will come back tonight!

Volunteers in Zone 4 got to enjoy a little dolphin show and witnessed a pod of dolphins with one jumping out of the water! (see the video at the end of this post!)

Everyday is a good day on the beach!

Reminder: ITS THAT TIME! We are anxiously awaiting our first hatchlings to start to emerge any day now.. PLEASE fill in holes left on the beach so the babies can safely find their way to the ocean without added obstacles or hazards. Thank you!

📸 The picture(s) were taken by permitted volunteers under permit

2023-MTP537. Following all rules and guide-lines. Only permitted individuals are allowed to engage in sea turtle conservation activities.

Nest #155 depredated by raccoons...

Nest #155 ~ 33 eggs saved and relocated to a new nest

Nest #156

NNC with 2 of the three body pits

Dolphin show in Zone 4

~ Sea you on the beach! ~

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