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The terrific Tuesday turtlers race to beat the storm with a record (for Tuesday) SIX nests!

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

I'll update this post when all the pictures are submitted from the Terrific Tuesday team -

We had our biggest Terrific Tuesday on the beach yet - SIX nests and FOUR non-nesting crawls!!

A huge shout out to all the volunteers who pulled together on a stormy Tuesday to investigate all the crawls, and protect all the nests (which all had to be relocated) before the big rainstorm drenched those of us left at the very end.

Our ever-ready Boss-on-the-beach Buddy, and his trusty co-pilot Beth, ran through two tanks of gas for Carretta (yes, we've named the ATV), running caging supplies, probers, and expert guidance (them!) up and down the beach until almost noon, All the nesting action was in zone 2 and zone 4, but zone 3 had crawls to examine as well.

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