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Terrific Tuesday Turtlers Hit Big with Double Two's and Three's

Last week got away from this Tuesday blogger, so this week y'all get a two-fer - Two Terrific Tuesday updates for the reading investment of one!

May 24, 2022

Last Tuesday was very exciting as we had TWO nests, #22 and #23, and two non-nesting crawls. Everyone jumped in to help relocate and secure nests, including our youngest volunteers. It was all hands on deck as Buddy raced up and down the beach to deliver probers, supplies, and (as always) valuable lessons in all things momma Loggerhead.

Nest #22 - Team 1

May 31, 2022

This Tuesday played out perfectly as we found nest #33 (we're on a roll!), and several volunteers new to the program this year enthusiastically and a bit cautiously learned how to pull eggs, carefully place them in a bucket, dig a new chamber just like momma's, and then evenly place the eggs without rotating them in the new nest. It was hot and sandy, but nest #33 has a new safe home high a dry well above the spring (king) high tide line.

Trash, trash, and MORE trash ... we picked up over six bags of trash - lots of beach toys, small plastic wrappers and straws, cigarette.cigar butts, balloons (including ones never inflated), bubble makers, towels, mismatched flip flops, and even a huge party tent that was too big for us to haul off the beach (so park rangers may have been called!). Someone even left all their picnic trash, leftover food, and of course - plastic wrappers right on the table at the entrance to the Lighthouse ... with a trash bin within easy reach.

We expected a huge amount of trash, and came prepared to pick it up, but I must admit - I am always surprised by the carelessness and lack of love humans have for our mother earth.

Nest #33 - Team Two

See you on the beach (don't forget your trash bag!)

by Tamala L Conner

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