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Saltwater Therapy

Today Wednesday turtlers found Nests #70 & #71 .. and a NNC crawl in zone 4. Nest #71 was covered in wrack, so when the nest was relocated the volunteers covered it with wrack to mimic the same environment!

what is beach wrack? The wrack line is the area on the beach where organic material and other debris is deposited at high tide.

From ~ “Sea turtle hatchlings fight for their life trying to make it to the floating sargassum mats, and after arriving, it becomes their habitat for the next few

years. While in these mats, these species not only receive protection but food as well. After a couple years of floating, sargassum mats lose their buoyancy and sink to the bottom of the ocean, becoming food for animals in the deep. The sargassum also washes ashore through currents and wind. Once on the beach, its seeds and nutrients contribute to dune plants. This vegetation is an important aspect of the shoreline, because it protects against storm surges and flooding”

Sea you on the beach 🏝️

These picture(s) were taken by permitted volunteers under permit

2023-MTP537.  Following all rules and guidelines. Only permitted individuals are allowed to engage in sea turtle conservation activities.

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