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Nest #11 for the Terrific Tuesday Turtlers

The morning started with an extra-long walk to zone 4 since the road to the south beach was closed for (much welcomed) paving ... and the team making the trek was rewarded when one momma decided to nest "just one flipper over the line" into that zone!

The team sensed they had a nest as soon as they saw the text-book-perfect crawl and body pit, and sure enough, with just a few quick probes, the nest was located just 8 inches below the sand.

This momma laid her nest not only "one flipper over the line" into zone four, but also a second flipper over the line (and underneath the rope) into the dune line - high enough that the nest was left in place (aka "in situ") - and no relocation was needed.

Tuesday Team 2 Cleaning the DNA sample

Probing for the nest Nest #11, Safe and Secure!

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