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Nest 100 Came on Monday

Hot, muggy, with inconsistent breeze, but the mother turtles came ashore anyway. Nest # 100 was found today in Zone 2 and there was a false crawl in Zone 3. The Blue Team racks up nest 1 and nest 100!!!

2024 is the second fastest year on record to 100 nests - 48 days. Even the record nesting season of 2023 wasn’t that fast. Only the 2022 nesting season beats 2024 with 47 days. That puts HI about half way through the nesting season.

Remember -

Lights off 10 PM - 6 AM

Red Flashlights Only

Fill Holes on Beach

Leave Nests Undisturbed

We had a little fun in the boneyard on the way back, after clearing Zone 4, spotting various creatures - camel, Loch Ness monster and big bird.

These picture(s) were taken by permitted volunteers under permits 2024-MTP537 and 2024-MTP565 following all rules and guidelines.

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