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Hatch hatch baby! 🐢

It’s been two weeks with no new nests - so nesting season has officially come to a close.

The mosquitoes were ferocious this morning - but our volunteers swatted them away and it was a great morning on the beach. Three nests hatched last night - nest # 98, 113, & 121. The recent rains made some tracks hard to see. Volunteers, and a few beach goers, were treated with some hatchlings making their way to the ocean.

*reminder - fill in your holes before leaving the beach! hatchlings can fall in and not be able to get out. NO bright lights on the beach at night - the hatchlings need to find their way to the water in the dark! And one last reminder - carry in carry out - take your trash with you!*

Thanks!, and see you on the beach 🏖

📸photos by turtle volunteers

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