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2023 Turtle Nesting Season is here!

The Wednesday Turtle Team met this morning for our first day of Volunteer duty. It was great to see familiar faces and some new faces as well! This year we had over 200 volunteers sign up! We went over some important notes to remember for the season... and are excited and anxious for the momma turtles to arrive! South Carolina has reported its first two nests of the year! (see FOHI Facebook post for details!)

It was a cool, windy, buggy start to the day - the beach was littered with lots of shells, and lots of cannonball jellyfish (also called cabbage heads, or jelly bombs) that were washed up from the high winds. It looked like a jellyfish jamboree !

A little reminder as we head into the busiest season on our beaches - we can all help out by following these tips ~ NO lights on the beach - "TURTLES DIG THE DARK" , Fill in any holes, and PLEASE pick up any trash you see along the way!

Stay tuned and check back here often for updates as our Loggerhead Nesting Season gets underway!

~See you on the beach!

Jellyfish Jamboree! Cannonball jelly fish washed up along the beach.

We know the Momma Loggerheads are out there ready to come ashore!

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