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Nest # 4

Nest #4 was found at the south end of

Zone 2 and left insitu. There was also a NNC in Zone 3

Also was excited to see more of the Royal Terns and their rebellious little Mohawks and a cormorant drying its wings

And the recently relocated Hope Tree

Also got a pic of yesterday’s Mother’s Day nest out in Zone 6. Which, BTW, was our first nesting crawl located first by drone. WTG, Boss on the Beach!

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Beth Briggs Glass
Beth Briggs Glass
May 13, 2020

Hey Lolita,

Sorry about the earlier post with your questions, I used to get notifications when someone posted so I’m not sure why I didn’t this time. I’ll have to look into that. To answer your previous questions and these, Nest 1 was laid on a Monday and Buddy was consulted as to whether to relocate or not. His decision was to leave it insitu based on the fact that it was 20ft from the high tide line on the day it was laid. That along with the fact that weekend was the king tide, which is supposed to be the highest tide that we get all year, and SCDNR guidelines stating that you aren’t supposed to consider king t…


Thanks for the updates, Beth...sure miss the beach and looking for those mamas! I posted a question last week, asking why the first nest was relocated so close to the water and not further back from the beach...but I don't think anyone answered!!

Also, could someone explain what was done with the groins in this renourishment..were any more added??

Again, thanks for the updates...although it doesn't help much to know we were replaced by drones!!

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