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In 2023, we are now at day (192 nests) 92 of the nesting season vs 93 days for the complete 2022 season, and the 2023 season may not be done.  The plot shows how the length of the nesting season varies over the years.  There are clear spikes in the days a nesting season last and they don't seem to match up with bumper nesting years.  The average of all the years where we have data is 92 days - so 2023 is right there.

As of 8/5, there have been 6 nests in 2023 since the clutch counts on relocated nests were 100 eggs or less.  That was 6 nests over the last 9 days.

By contrast, in 2022, there were 8 nests in a row at or below 100 eggs over the last 13 days of the season.  No nests went above 100 over that period.  There is a caveat here - the 13 day clock started with an in-situ nest greater than 100 eggs.  After that nest, we had 8 relocated nests over 13 days.  If I forget the in-situ nest (because the 2023 data is only for relocated nests) there were clearly more nests in a row at or below 100 eggs and over a longer time period.

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