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Sea Turtle Project

I understand I must be a paid member of Friends of Hunting Island for 2023 before I can complete this registration. You are registering for the 2023 Sea Turtle beach patrol, and you are committing to:

1. Volunteering one day a week from May 1st to Oct 1st at 6:00 am.

2. Completing all necessary training.

3. Walking 2 miles in the heat and humidity.

4. Each volunteer from the same family must register separately, but all must use the same email address. To register additional family members stay on this page until all are entered.

Closed, Check Back
February, 2024

Sea Turtle Patrol Sign Up
What day would you like to patrol? First Choice
What day would you like to patrol? Second Choice, if you do not want a second choice just choose your first choice again
What is your age?
Is this your first year as a sea turtle volunteer?

Please note:

When you click on “submit“ everything on the form will disappear and you will receive an email confirmation in a FEW MINUTES.

If you are adding additional family members just continue filling out the form and submit each one.

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