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Sometimes it is nice to walk in the rain! That would be the case Sunday, 3 Nests and 5 False Crawls

A Beautiful rainy day for those that came out this morning.

Zone 4 started us off with 2 False Crawls and Nest #42. Kudos to Rich probing his first Hunting Island Nest, and a smiley face to Cheilon for finding the eggs in the chamber and Jason for keeping the gear and paperwork together, terrific trio.

Zone 3, Norma, Kevin and Bev, great job for finding Nests # 43, and #44 along with 2 False Crawls. You all made it look easy today!!

Zone 2 had 1 False Crawl and a warning for all, a Portugese Man O' War was washed up on the South End before the bone yard, thank you to the Mixson's and Olmsteads.

Zone 1, Emily, Nathan, Halle, Elizabeth and Elaine got to see an oyster catcher and 2 sand piper eggs. Nature at it's best.

Zone 5 and 6 was monitored by Tina, no activity, but a turtler who rocks, she drove 2 hours to walk in the rain, by herself today!!

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