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Saturday's Extras

Nest #46 was found in zone 2 and 93 eggs were relocated. A false crawl was also found in zone 2. Nest #47 was found in zone 1 and 96 eggs were relocated.

Buddy found diamondback nest #3 in zone 1 washing away. The hatchlings were reburied to allow them to emerge on their own.

A camper gave us the small egg in the lower right of the bucket. She said it was being tossed by the surf. Is it an oyster catcher or a least tern?

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Last Nest of this Season!

The last nest of the season has hatched. This morning Buddy and I checked it out. There were not that many tracks. Perhaps more came out earlier, but the wind blew away the evidence. More may come

A bald eagle was spotted in Zone 4

Just happened to look up and saw the eagle on the top branch of a dead tree. Since there were very few nests to check, it was a surprise to catch a look. Hope it is here to stay.

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