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On Wednesday we wear Orange 🐢

No new nests today ~ the nest count remains at #107. Volunteers are now on alert & also monitoring nests for signs of emergence ! (hatching)… our first nests of the season will start hatching anytime now! Hatchlings usually emerge from their nest at night when temperatures are cooler. Once they decide to burst out, they erupt from the nest cavity as a group (also called a boil). The hatchlings orient themselves to the brightest horizon, and then make a dash toward the sea! Lets be sure to fill in any holes on the beach so those hatchlings can make their way to the water safely!

Sea you on the beach! 🏖️

📸The picture(s) were taken by permitted volunteers under permit

2023-MTP537. Following all rules and guide-lines. Only permitted individuals are allowed to engage in sea turtle conservation activities.

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