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More Deliberations from Data Czar

I looked at clutch counts over time in 2022. The first graph is all turtles (with a 15 day moving average) and in red are the clutch counts for turtle CC000023 - she laid 7 nests on HI in 2022. Only turtle to do that.

I can't say that CC000023 bears out that clutch counts decline over the season. Her 3rd nest of the year is odd - the one with a deformed egg. Of her 7 nests (the 3rd was relocated), 5 were relocated

"All turtles" data seems to say that clutch counts don't start decreasing during the season until late June/early July - you can argue that. By that time is energy wearing out, haven't eaten to replenish, etc?? Lots of scatter probably because you have turtles of all ages and sizes in the mix. out of the 71 or so unique females in 2002 on HI, about 31 visited only once to HI.

the second graph was to see if the scatter was due to insitu nests - we estimate clutch counts on shell fragments. Relocated nest counts are more precise. The second graph seems to say regardless if relocated or insitu, clutch counts are scattered. The drop off in Late June is still there especially in relocated nests

All the best Keith

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