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Friends of Hunting Island in the News

Editorial: Hunting Island Worth State's Investent

Friends of Hunting Island State Park group wins national award. The volunteer group Friends of Hunting Island State Park has won the President's Award from the National Association of State Park Directors for their support of a state park.

June 13, 2015 - 8th Annual Sand Sculpture Contest at Hunting Island State Park

In conjunction with Beaufort County Recycles, the litter team at Hunting Island made the news when Vicki Ann Nestor stated, "For some reason people don't look at cigarette butts as being trash so that's what we wanted to get across with this campaign is that a cigarette butt is trash and please don't leave it behind," said Vicki Ann Nestor, organizer and member of Friends of Hunting Island."...More

Restoring Hunting IslandTwo articles in the Island News: Full front page spread in the Island News about the 2012 Pelican Plunge and Restoring and, on page 15 "Restoring Hunting Island ...More

2012 Pelican Plunge

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Peter and Jamie Wolf

01/25/13 Remarkably, both Peter and Jamie Wolf use the exact same words in describing their current life's vocation. Words such as guiding, navigating and being a beacon. But both are referring to two different applications of those words. In Peter's sense, he means for a real lighthouse — he's dedicated to saving the Hunting Island Lighthouse. And in Jamie's version, she means people, careers and starting a new business. She has just published a book to help people do just that called "Start Over! Start Now! Ten Keys to Success in Business and Life!"...More


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