Hunting Island Litter Control Volunteers

The CampgroundsWith over one million visitors a year, litter can be a problem on the beaches and trails. Since the beach is on the Atlantic Ocean, winds and waves also drive flotsam and jetsam from marine traffic ashore. In order to keep the park pristine, the Friends of Hunting Island have formed volunteers into litter patrols. Volunteers of all ages roam the park, beach, and trails to keep them clean and litter-free.

Each year, around Earth Day in the spring and September in the fall, Friends of Hunting Island sponsors Beach Sweeps. Our long-time friends, the Lowcountry Rotary Club, often help with grilled lunches, and the Friends of Hunting Island Social Committee provides other food.


We are always looking for more “Trash Buster” volunteers to help with our “Adopt a Beach” program. We must send in reports about what has been found on the beach, so it takes more than just picking up the garbage. Contact us at to help.


Remember to clean up after your pets! Hunting Island allows pets in the park, but with that permission comes responsibilities. You will see Dogi-Pot stations at strategic points near the beach. They contain pick-up bags and a container for disposal.

Friends of Hunting Island Litter & Trash Education:

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Marine Debris BioDegradation Time line

*Although recent news reports indicate that plastic bags take 500 years to decompose, respirometry tests used to determine how long items like newspapers and apple cores require to decompose don’t work on plastics. The most common kind of plastic bag is made of polyethylene, and microorganisms don’t recognize it as food. Plastic becomes brittle and cracks when exposed to ultraviolet radiation from sunlight, and eventually it will fragment into microscopic granules. But plastic will never entirely leave the environment.

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